» Relations with the ERA-EDTA Registry & USRDS

Recent summary Data from the Turkish Registry are displayed at Section B of Annual Reports 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004 & 2005 on the ERA-EDTA Registry Web Site (www.era-edta-reg.org). Also, since 2003 TSN National Registry Data are published in the USRDS Annual Data Reports International Comparisons Section (www.usrds.org).

In year 2007, TSN has joined as a partner the ERA-EDTA Quality European Studies (QUEST) Initiative in epidemiology & clinical epidemiology funded by the European Community. In 2008, TSN is also taking part in the ERA-EDTA's EVEREST study that aims to determine how much of the variation in RRT incidence, dialysis modality mix and patient survival is due to economic and organizational factors rather than medical factors.

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