A Turkish Society of Nephrology team visited Professor Oreopoulos

As it has been known to all of us, our valuable mentor and teacher, Prof. Dr. Dimitrios G. Oreopoulos of Toronto University who had some recent health problems, has recently been visited by a team of Turkish Nephrologists representing Turkish Society of Nephrology. The team included Professors Hülya Taşkapan, Cengiz Utaş and F. Fevzi Ersoy, and on behalf of TSN our well being wishes was put in words to Dr. Oreopoulos and his wife Mrs. Oreopoulos, along with our special appreciation for his contributions to Turkish Nephrology both by his several appearences in our scientific meetings and also giving the oppurtunity of training many young Turkish Nephrologists in Toronto University with himself and his colleagues.

An honorary citizen of Nevşehir, Dr. Oreopoulos, with family roots coming from a prominent family which has lived there until 1920’s when a mass population exchange has taken place between Greece and Turkey, has put tremendous efforts in order to increase collaboration between Greek and Turkish nephrologists and helped in the achievement and success of many joint projects. In his article “Turkish Delight for a Greek Nephrologist” in Peritoneal Dialysis International supplement May/June 2008, Volume 28, Issue 3, which was published for commemoration of 2008 ISPD World Peritoneal Dialysis Congress which has taken place in Istanbul. Dr Oreopoulos, has explained his feelings about his first visit to Turkey as follows: “I left Turkey with a warm feeling for the country and its people. I was reminded that I should never equate the policies and politicians of a country with its people. The best way for two countries to come together in peaceful coexistence is for individuals from each country to meet in person and get an opportunity to learn the so many things that unite them as human beings, and thus make it easier to forget the few things that separate them.”

Turkish Nephrology Community wishes it’s best to Dr Oreopoulos and his family.

The laser engraved crystal block which was brought to Dr. Oreopoulos by TSN team. Inside the block, there was a laser imprinted picture of Mother Mary Church which is located in Anatolian city of Nevşehir. The church is connected to Oreopoulos family with intense memories and also well being wishes of Turkish Society of Nephrology is shown below that picture.

TSN representatives with Dr. Oreopoulos.

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